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We are Bert H. Brooks, DVM, and Melissa L. Brooks, BS, and we welcome you to our site. We have worked hard on it and hope it serves your needs. If not, please tell us how we can do a better job. Our email address is holisticvet@hughes.net.

You probably arrived here because you are looking for a natural way to help solve an important health problem. You may have already tried a variety of expert conventional and/or holistic, integrative or alternative therapies, with varying degrees of success. You may even be on the verge of giving up!

If any of this describes your experience, we think you came to the right place. The above describes most of our clients who find us from all over the United States and from other countries.

Emergency or “Acute” Cases

We assume that you already work with a conventional or holistic veterinarian and that your patient has been examined recently and is in stable condition. If this is not the case, then take the patient to a conventional or holistic licensed doctor as soon as possible!

When your patient has been examined, a treatment undertaken as a result of a “client/patient/doctor relationship,” and the patient has achieved a stable condition, then contact us for additional support for the patient during therapy.

That’s right! We have developed a non-veterinary medical technique by which we test patients remotely, so there is no need for the patient to come to our exam rooms! Patients are always welcome, but gain little advantage from being present for testing!

The result of testing is non-veterinary medical support  for patients which is aimed at enhancing the patient’s natural ability to self-heal and therefore better respond to conventional therapy being directed elsewhere.

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Special interest in chronic or unresolved conditions.

Special interest in chronic or unresolved conditions.

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