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Special interest in chronic or unresolved conditions.

Understanding ETA —

Entity Testing & Analysis

Entity Testing and Analysis (ETA) 

(Skepticism Encouraged)

It’s definitely different from what you normally see and do at the doctor’s office!  So before you have time to form an opinion, let us make a suggestion: Feel free to be as skeptical as you like—but please, don’t allow yourself to be prejudiced! Skepticism is an excellent, constructive, quality for the scientifically minded person who enjoys learning new and useful information.  Prejudice (a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation) is a universally destructive quality that always impedes progress and stifles understanding of new experiences.

That said, we admit that the first time we witnessed Muscle Response Testing (MRT discovered by George Goodheart, D.C.), we were more than skeptical. “It’s too far out!”  “Our Clients won’t accept it!”  We both said to ourselves: I’m not so sure I believe it myself!”

When Bert got home from the first MRT seminar and showed Melissa what he had learned, she displayed wonderful restraint but now admits she thought he might have gone off the deep end.  MRT is just that incredible yet it works, and so we need to try to understand it as best we can. Over the years, we have developed our own form of MRT. We call it Entity Testing and Analysis or ETA. ETA is based on Dr. Versendaal’s Contact Reflex Analysis, but our operating paradigm “self-modified” which enables us to find basic causes of deep seated problems.


Bert thought he understood energy until he taught physics.  As students, we could mathematically define energy and use numbers to solve problems.  But when Bert began teaching physics in a university in South America, he realized that he didn’t really understand all the concepts used in the definition of energy.

So let’s keep it simple and think about an experience with energy that most of us have in common: television!  Have you ever tried to change the reception on an older television or radio and noticed that sometimes your mere presence caused changes before you even touched the set?  If so, you have experienced a form of energy that emanates from your body.  If not, or if you prefer a more esoteric discussion of the subtle energy that permeates every living body, we refer you to the books The Body Electric by Dr. Robert Becker and Vibrational Medicine by Dr. Richard Gerber.

For now, we assume you are with us and ready for the next leap in thought: acupuncture! Eastern doctors have known that the bodies of all living things are permeated by energy which they call “chi” (pronounced “key” or “chee”) for thousands of years.  They learned to detect minute imbalances in the chi of their patients, and then to correct the imbalances with nutrition or by “painlessly” inserting small needles into “hot spots” located along energy channels called “meridians.”

It is said that the “hot spots” were first identified when injured soldiers returned from battle with arrows in certain body parts and reported that their chronic maladies had disappeared.  Their doctors noted these observations, and acupuncture was born.

Western Approach

Practitioners of western medicine understand part of the electrical nature of bodies, and use that understanding for certain analytical tests. 

For instance, an electrocardiogram measures electrical impulses that emanate from the heart.  Similarly, myograms and encephalograms measure electrical muscle and brain activities.  Much useful information is gained from these studies.

However, in spite of its vast technology, western medicine has barely scratched the surface of available information regarding the energy of the body.  Those of us trained in western science and medicine have drugs and surgery emphasized, leaving the study of nutrition and the body’s energy up to . . . us.

Since we learned about the wonderful energetic nature of life, the way we practice has changed dramatically and the results we get have been totally amazing and gratifying. Now, instead of drugs, whenever possible we use nutritional energy to balance the energy of our patients. The effectiveness is remarkable and very rewarding to all involved.

What we do

Theoretically, each organ system of the body is associated with a specific acupuncture location, or “reflex point” located on a “meridian.” Some points on the body correspond to the presence of certain diseases. In ETA, we use similar reflex points. However, because (we think) of a new paradigm based on our Theory of Chronic Disease we are able to derive detailed information about causes of disease.

The person doing the testing touches, or points to the “reflex” points.  Each time a reflex point is checked, the person testing exerts downward pressure on the extended arm of the person being tested (or that of a surrogate if one is necessary).  The arm will remain strong until an “electrical” or “reactive” reflex point is found.  When that happens, the arm will drop, indicating that the area represented is weak in energy because of disease or injury, etc.

Why does the arm drop?  I can’t say for sure.  All I know is that it does and that when the arm drops, it is as if the body is telling exactly what problem it has.  The dropping arm means that the body lacks a certain form of energy and cannot improve its health condition until that exact form of energy is provided!

The next step is to determine which nutritional supplements will supply the form of energy that matches what the body needs in order to return to a healthy balance. We do this by applying skills derived from experience, study and, sometimes, a little trial and error. [LOTS more information on this is explained in our book More Than A Theory.]

ETA gets even more interesting

Testing can be performed in person with the patient present in our office, of course. But, we have developed techniques where we can also test patients remotely via telephone or “Witness.” While patients are always welcome, remote testing turns out to be more convenient for all concerned. Techniques involved are described fully in our book and in the flier we prepared entitled “Remote Testing.”

Whichever testing method you choose (i.e., in person or remote), following the procedure clients are provided with a “Protocol.” The Protocol is a copy of the session’s transcribed worksheets in tabular form containing three sections:

1. Top Section: Information which you provided to us regarding the patient;

2. Middle Section: Report of what was found during the session; and,

3. Lower Section: List of nutritional supplements, etc., recommended to help rebalance the body’s energy.

· Items which need to be administered orally are listed in rows that are shaded.

· When a fraction (#/#) is listed under “#/Day,”  the patient should consume the top number. The bottom number shows how many pills would be needed if it were not for Harmonic Translation.

Special attention is taken with the first report to ensure that every part of the Protocol is fully understood. We recommend that clients keep the sheet which accompanies the first Protocol for future reference. It is full of pertinent information and we find that it is very easy for clients to forget (or miss) important details. But even so, if you ever have a question about anything, please feel free to send an email to the office.

If you send email, please remember our “24 hour rule.” The 24 hour rule states that if you do not receive an answer to your message within 24 hours, an inadvertent mistake has occurred. How could that happen?

We receive hundreds of email messages daily (from clients and as a result of belonging to several organizations) and spend the first part of each day placing the messages into categories and deleting the spam. Then we “triage” the messages and answer them as quickly as possible. Sometimes during this process we “mis-file” or even delete important messages by mistake. If this happens (as it rarely does), we must count on you to bring it to our attention by re-sending the message to us.

Finally, it always helps us spot your message if you type CCHVS at the beginning of the subject line, followed by the title of your message or the patient’s name.

Standard Process

We utilize Standard Process products almost exclusively in our Protocols because we believe they are consistently the best quality nutritional supplements on the market! Standard Process has been producing potent yet safe and effective nutritional supplements since 1929 when Dr. Royal Lee first developed and marketed Catalyn.   Dr. Lee was a genius—far ahead of his time—and his accomplishments are still incredible, even for this day and age!

Saying that Standard Process products are “the best” is not meant to insult those of any of the hundreds of companies that have sprung into existence since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) loosened its restrictions on nutritional supplements.  We have used products by other companies, and actually promoted and sold some of them. (There are books available at the CCHVS that explain the differences between natural and synthetic vitamins. We highly recommend reading them! Please feel free to check with us for references.)

         However, Standard Process “grew up” with the FDA and kept cranking out products that satisfied all the stringent FDA regulations in spite of some frustrating and arbitrary demands.  The formulas developed by Dr. Lee are beyond compare.  Quality control at Standard Process is far more demanding than FDA requirements—unmatched in the industry.

         There seemingly may be side effects from Standard Process products.  Side effects may mimic the cleansing action that occurs during a flu attack (nausea, indigestion, headache, nasal discharge, etc.).  Such side effects are usually mild and transient.  Such side effects, if any, are much preferable to progressively debilitating disease, plus they are indications that the nutrients are needed and that they are working! VERY important: If any changes occur, let us know about them immediately!

Besides Standard Process products, other things are included in the Protocol such as the following.


The "e-Supplement" is a “homeopathic-like” energetic supplement carried in distilled water (electronically generated by the HTS) that is a reiteration of all of the healing energy information contained in the entire Protocol. It should be taken orally on a twice daily basis in order to "round out" and "speed up" the delivery of the energy we are attempting to provide.

Taking the e-Supplement orally seems to make a difference. The bottle supplied should last the entire thirty days if a “squirt” of approximately 20 drops is taken twice daily as directed. If it looks like you might run out of the e-Supplement before the end of the treatment period, you can replenish your supply by filling the bottle with distilled water and succussing, or wrapping the bottle against a hard surface or the palm of your hand fifty times. (Try to do this while 1/3 of a bottle’s original contents still remains for best results.)

At the end of the thirty days, testing will be repeated (you will be notified and asked for an update report if you haven't already sent one) so that you can let us know how things are going and authorize the next test session.
Because the Protocol changes monthly, the e-Supplement must also change accordingly. Nutritional supplements may also change.

Frequently Asked Questions

· Why use nutritional balancing? Why not just use drugs for the symptoms? Drugs seem to work faster sometimes.

"Allopathy" is a term coined by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (father of homeopathy) to describe conventional medicines which suppress symptoms -- and I would extend the definition to indicate that allopathic substances do nothing to heal the body or address the actual cause of the patient's symptoms. (Note: Nutrition, herbs and even homeopathic medicines can be used allopathically.)

["Homeopathic medicines" theoretically support the patient's symptoms because it is thought that those symptoms are the body's means at addressing the CAUSE of the imbalances present. (Example: Fever is the body's response to the presence of an infectious agent. The increased temperature of the body is not compatible with the life of the pathogen.)]

Taking an allopathic substance in order to control a symptom is like driving down the road in your automobile and noticing that the "oil light" is blinking on the dashboard. You recognize that a problem exists, but the allopathic approach is to cut the wires to the oil light. Poof! The symptom goes away, but have you solved the problem? Obviously not, and most people recognize that the problem will worsen if the cause of the symptom is not addressed.

We do not oppose the use of allopathy when symptoms are bothersome (or deadly), but we think a more inclusive approach to handling disease is best. That’s what we try to do.

· What information is needed at the start?

1. About the Patient:  Name, Age, Sex, Breed, Species.

2. History: Previous Illnesses, Injuries, Surgeries. (Approx. Dates;

3. Description of Top Five Symptoms.

4. It helps us to know the following information:

If seen previously by a health care practitioner, please describe:  Lab findings/results, (copies of reports if possible); Imaging results (X-Rays, Ultrasound, MRI, etc.); Diagnosis; Treatments provided and results; If a limb is involved, which part of which limb?

· Do you have any additional thoughts or suggestions regarding the patient?

· Anything else to add?

· What should we do if new symptoms arise after starting treatment?  Note: The following is a reminder taken from the information which accompanies the first Protocol:

NAET: The "NAET" statement indicates which, if any allergies were found by Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (described in more detail in our book and in the flier on Understanding NAET). “NAET: 0" means that we did not find allergies contributing to the problem . . . yet! I can almost guarantee that allergies are present. The reason we did not find them yet may be because a bit of "energetic balancing" is required first.

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember, the possibility of allergies is a reason why we need to be aware of any new symptoms that you notice as soon as they occur. We also want to know if NO changes in the original condition occur because unresolved allergies can be responsible for this “symptom of poor response” as well. Very sensitive, highly allergic and extremely ill patients may need to be tested for allergies more frequently at first. Sometimes two or three allergy tests per week are needed. Stronger patients will require less frequent testing.

Side Effects: There also can be apparent “side effects” from viral elimination. Example: When viruses are killed, there is a histamine release from affected tissues which can elicit symptoms. Really, in this case, symptoms are a “good thing” and to be expected if we are accomplishing our goals. Even so, if "side effects" of viral clearing are uncomfortable, there may be something we can recommend to improve comfort, and there is no charge for checking this. We only charge if we eliminate allergies. (A comprehensive list of charges can be found in the flier on “Remote Testing.”)

Since allergies are very common and frequently cause symptoms not usually associated with allergic reactions, whenever new symptoms appear, the first thing we recommend is checking to see if allergies are present with which we can help. When checking for allergies, we also check to see if other actions should be taken, such as modification of the Protocol, etc. (No extra charge.)

There is a charge for allergy clearing (see below). But, if allergies are not found, or if there is a need for modifying the Protocol, there is no charge for testing because we believe that Protocols should remain constant and effective for a minimum of thirty days if they are being followed correctly.

Frequency of Testing:  Situations change. In order to provide optimum energy balancing, testing usually needs to be repeated at 30 day intervals unless otherwise noted. Generally, patients can be expected to reach a “maintenance level” at some time after viruses and chemicals have been eliminated. At that time, intervals between sessions generally begin to increase. Patients who reach the “maintenance level” are frequently tested at six month intervals or annually unless new symptoms arise or an accident happens. (If we are fortunate, “life happens.”)


1) ETA (Entity Testing and Analysis ONLY):                                        $100.00;

2) NAET (Allergy Identification/Elimination ONLY):                           $45.00;

3) ETA + NAET (When Performed Together):                                       $125.00;

4) E-Capsule (30 Days — $100 ETA Required):                                    $25.00;

5) Harmonic Translation (30 Days — $100 ETA Required):                  $75.00

When oral administering of nutritional supplements is chosen, receive up to $25 off the regular price of Standard Process Supplements by ordering products at the same time you receive testing.

ETA includes nutritional balancing.  A Protocol will be provided that contains information on what we found during testing. The Protocol also recommends which Standard Process and special (if any) additional supplements should be taken. 

NAET includes allergy discovery and elimination. One or two (sometimes more) allergens may be eliminated at the same time, but we cannot clear all allergies in a single session.  A list of allergens being cleared plus special instructions on what to avoid and what to eat/touch during the clearing process is included with the Protocol.

Scheduling:  You need to make an appointment for telephone testing by calling Yicel, Esther or Charlene (530-666-7322) 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday or 8:00 AM to Noon Pacific Time Saturday.  They will take your credit card information at that time.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Here’s to Happy, Healthy Patients!

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