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Understanding the harmonic translation system

First of all, we did not “invent” the HT system. (Wish we did!) The Harmonic Translation System (HTS) consists of sophisticated cutting edge hardware and software technology coupled with a laptop or desktop computer. The System was developed by engineer Jon Monroe of New Science. His interesting web site is located at: 

Using our HTS, we are able to translate the biochemical energy signature of any of the healing substances we administer into electronic energy which can be digitized and stored as a computer file. Whether ETA testing shows that a patient needs a combination of nutritional supplements and medicines or only a single item, we then use the HTS to create a computer program which delivers the precise healing energy needed in the form of changing frequencies of light and sound.

Harmonic Translation is the solution if Protocols are too expensive, or if patients are unable or unwilling to take all supplements determined by regular Entity Testing and Analysis (ETA). (Actually, we use the HTS in almost every case we see!) There are two ways that we can use Harmonic Translation as an adjunct to holistic therapy.


We perform ETA and compile a protocol in the regular way. Instead of counting out all the supplements, we “feed” the Protocol information into a computer using the HT software. (We have already “entered” the energy signatures of all the herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines and nutritional supplements into the HTS in digital form.) The HT system generates small programs called e-Capsules which, when run on a personal computer, produce changing patterns of light accompanied by electronic “music.” Here’s the amazing part:

The HTS uses the digital information we enter and translates it into imbedded visual and auditory frequencies. The patient listens to and watches these patterns on the computer and receives energy that would be provided by the nutritional protocol we recommend. (Actually, patients only need to be in the same room with the system to receive the healing energy. Patients do not need to gaze at the monitor or wear earphones. J)

We have tested the HTS hundreds of times  (80 -125 patients per day receive Harmonic Translation) and find that it works like a charm. Our belief that nothing provides natural energy for the body as well as food still holds. Philosophically, it makes sense that food is the best way to receive specific healing energy required by the body. However, every HT case has responded as rapidly as if the patient were consuming all of the whole food supplements! (A few supplements still need to be taken orally, depending on the problem being addressed. The technology does not replace the need for solid food—only reduces it.)

Patient Can’t/Won’t Watch?

Most animals lose interest in ‘watching television’ and move on to taking naps, playful activity or other “more important things.” This is not a problem with e-Capsules. The only requirement is that the patient be in the same room where the e-Capsule program is running on a computer. (Screen savers must be turned off. Photons will find the patient.)

Cost of Testing and e-Capsule

The charge for Entity Testing and Analysis (includes session report called a Protocol), preparation and e-mail delivery of the e-Capsule is covered in our flier on Remote Testing. The cost usually represents a substantial saving over buying and taking nutritional supplements in most cases. Everything else remains the same. In other words, it will still be necessary to repeat the ETA procedure on a monthly basis until a healthy equilibrium is attained. This can take a year or longer, but an investment in health draws years of dividends.

No time to administer e-Capsules? No computer?

Using the HTS and a “Witness” (see flier on Understanding ETA) we are able to administer the healing energy using one of eleven computers in the form of Harmonic Translation (HT). This technique (we use our computer to deliver the healing energy) has the advantages that the client does not have to set up a computer, and the patient does not have to be at a certain place at a given time. Our staff is highly trained at following through on a daily basis or as needed. Conflicts or vacations are not a problem either. If you are running the e-Capsule but must be away for a few days, just notify us and ask staff to run the HT for the period in question. They’re glad to help!

How Long Will e-Caps/HT Be Needed?

Achieving a healthy physical energy equilibrium is not an overnight occurrence. It can take years for certain disease conditions to become apparent, so it may take months or a year for the body’s physiology to regain equilibrium. Using our latest techniques, for instance, chronic viral infections can usually be gently eliminated in about three months. It used to require two years for patients to eliminate their viruses. We are constantly looking for ways to make changes happen faster, easier, safer and less expensively for owners. After handling viruses, clearing the underlying chemical toxins requires additional attention.

Important Note: After clearing viruses, patients are frequently symptom free and feel and act normally. If therapy is stopped at this time (i.e., before chemicals are cleared and other balancing is done, etc.), viral and/or other problems may reappear after a time. It is best to keep on with the program. We are able to determine by testing whether or not we have reached an end point and can begin “maintenance therapy.”

Allergy Elimination

Interspersed with viral and chemical elimination, attention must also be paid to discovering and eliminating allergies using NAET (see flier on Understanding NAET). The HTS is not used for this purpose.

Once a healthy physiologic equilibrium is attained, unless new health problems appear, we recommend ETA sessions quarterly to yearly to discover new potential problems and eliminate them with e-Capsules or Harmonic Translation before they cause symptoms.


Melissa Brooks creates an e-Capsule from data collected during an Entity Testing and Analysis session. The same information could be derived using the HTS, but we find ETA to be a bit faster for us because of years of practice with the technique.

Highly Recommended!

After thorough testing of the Harmonic Translation System with cases of all difficulties, our assessment is that the HTS offers us unbelievable advantages over the way we used to practice. We highly recommend this system to all Patients and to the Practitioners who treat them.


We have heard and experienced hype which accompanies many of today’s most advertised modalities. We have tested patients with good results after some other modalities failed to improve conditions. We guarantee that the Harmonic Translation System will enable any active practitioner to achieve more accurate analysis and treatment potential than presently believed possible. Use the HTS as an extension of yourself and the capabilities you have learned and developed.

This HT system really is in a class of its own. We believe it represents the way health care will be practiced in the future! We invite queries from interested health care professionals. We are happy to work together with health care professionals on selected cases as consultants. Clients are invited to share this and any of the information included in our fliers with professionals who might be interested.


Please feel free to send questions about the Harmonic Translation System and its use to us via email. Dr. Bert Brooks is authorized to sell the HTS and to train practitioners in its use. We provide additional software to practitioners who purchase their systems through us.


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