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Please don’t get me wrong! In practice since 1980, our success rate is pretty high. It’s much higher than we ever expected when practicing conventional-only medicine, and we are still improving! That’s the good part.

Unfortunately, we still have cases that turn out as disappointments. They are what this Flier is all about. There are two types of cases that turn out disappointingly for us. The first type is one where the symptoms disappear rapidly, while the second type is one where symptoms are alleviated too slowly. In both types of cases, failures are usually the result of impatience!

Energy medicine based on muscle response testing is not practiced anywhere else in our county that we know of. We use it because the drug-based medicine we used in earlier practice yielded disappointing results—especially with chronic health problems. We know all too well that what we do is not what some new clients expect to see.

Therefore, every case receives the same rudimentary explanations.

We do this every time we test a new patient.

Part of our introductory plan is to tell clients that we do not “treat symptoms.” We take symptoms into account when they show up, but our aim in every case is to first address causes of disease! Usually, when causes of disease are eliminated, symptoms disappear. Of course many things can influence this desired effect.

Simply identifying the cause of chronic disease does not give us the ability to make it disappear at the snap of our fingers!

For instance, once we identify the viruses which are almost invariably associated with chronic diseases, it still takes about 90 days for the patient’s body to eliminate them! [This in itself is a great improvement! When we first started, to eliminate viruses used to require over 2 years. Conventionally, “it can’t be done!”]

Yet, clients have been trained to expect symptoms to disappear miraculously at the speed of light, because conventional pharmaceuticals work very fast in many cases. If you have a typical headache, for instance, you know that taking an aspirin usually “fixes” the problem in short order.

In most cases, elimination of viruses is a smooth and effortless process, and that is the problem. We tell everyone that we expect to be able to eliminate the viral component of the patient’s disease within 90 days but that will NOT be the end of treatment. Even if the patient is symptom free when the viruses are gone, it will still be necessary to eliminate the accumulated chemicals which ‘opened the door’ for the viruses in the first place.

However, some clients “miss” the importance of the last caveat. So many times we notice that a patient is late for testing, and when we call we find out that since the symptoms have all disappeared and since money is so hard to come by, follow-up treatment will have to be delayed for awhile.

Patients can often progress well, forgiving short delays after viruses are eliminated. But long delays can lead to life-threatening complications because the accumulated chemicals continue to hold open the door allowing viruses to exert their influences unabated by immune resistance. [See flier on our “Theory of Chronic Disease.”]

But sometimes, for reasons we do not fully understand (yet), eliminating circulating virus particles and driving out and eliminating well-ensconced viruses from their hiding places in certain body tissues requires a bit of time and effort. Part of the reason for the time delay is because the patient’s immune system must first be balanced before anything can be done.

During the early stages of the viral or chemical clearing phases, certain symptoms may show up and be annoying. For instance, especially if chronic dermatitis is the initial problem, there can be a flare-up of “itchiness” and/or respiratory discharge as a result of treatment.

These “symptoms” are not “side effects” as frequently seen when conventional prescriptions are used. Instead, they are indicators that the processes are doing their job. The technique is working the way it should, but it may be working too well for the comfort of the patient.

When viruses are attacked by the patient’s “immune system,” part of the natural process of their elimination is a “flushing mechanism” involving the local release of histamine. Histamine causes the affected area to be flooded with extracellular fluid while white blood cells are attracted to the area. If the process happens quite vigorously, it can be uncomfortable as anyone knows who has ever taken antihistamines for cold or flu (or allergy) symptoms.

Symptoms may seem amplified in young patients, but especially in older patients  where their conditions have been causing problems for a long time. Our instructions for every patient are that if any changes are noticed, please inform us so that we can handle the change and try to help alleviate the symptom. (The latter is usually done by allergy elimination or Protocol manipulation.)

Alas, the first announcement that there was ever a problem sometimes comes when we make a follow-up call to check on a patient who is late for follow-up testing. All too often we learn “Oh, I stopped the e-Capsule right away because it made things worse. We took her to another doctor who cleared things up right away with steroid injections and antibiotics.”

Oh that sinking feeling. These same reports are most frequent when clients did not believe that the e-Capsules or other parts of the procedure could work in the first place. A frequent subsequent finding is that the patient passed away or was “put down” by another veterinarian with a “it was his time to go” statement.

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We can’t say it often or emphatically enough: If you decide to embark on an energetic approach with us, please give therapy a chance to work. If viruses, chemicals, allergies and nutritional deficiencies are to blame for the patient’s chronic condition, we know of no better way to eliminate the causes of the symptoms.

Therapy itself does not cause pain or damage or disease. But sometimes the body might have no choice but to experience some discomfort during the cleansing phase of recovery!

The ride to recovery can be a bumpy one! It is true that some uncomfortable circumstances are possible while the causes are being eliminated. But if clients will stay in communication and let us know about changes as soon as they occur, we can help address new symptoms and make the road to recovery as smooth and care-free as possible. Let’s get started!    J

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