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Special interest in chronic or unresolved conditions.


Remote testing

IMPORTANT: Before testing patients remotely, the patient must have been examined by a conventional doctor and a treatment program developed and implemented. Our remote service provides recommendations for non-veterinary medical nutritional support which is aimed at improving response to conventional therapy. The CCHVS cannot provide emergency therapy remotely. Always ensure that you have access to emergency service elsewhere if needed.

Telephone Testing (The “Old” Way)

We have developed a technique which integrates a modified form of muscle response testing (MRT) with Dr. Devi Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (website on back page) with our own discoveries.  We call our technique Entity Testing and Analysis (See our Flier: Understanding ETA.) 

In order to offer our new technique to patients who live outside our area, we have further modified Entity Testing and Analysis (ETA) so it can be used over the telephone and remotely by other means.  We regularly test patients all over North America and in Europe.

Telephone Testing Requirements

A telephone (wireless or cellular phones also work) must be close to the place where the patient is to be tested.  If a portable phone is used, it must be close enough to the base so that a good connection results. Wireless and cell phones should exhibit static-free transmission.

Small Animals: Either an all metal cage or a plastic crate can be used for testing small animals.  When a metal cage is used, the telephone is placed on top of the cage for testing.  If a plastic crate is used, before placing the patient inside, unroll aluminum foil inside the crate so it extends out the front door far enough so that the telephone can be placed on the foil. Then place the patient in the crate so that it stands on the aluminum foil and place the telephone on the foil that extends out the front of the crate. (Frequently, just placing the phone on top of the carrier or near the metal gate is sufficient. We think the “aura” is what we test.)

Large Animals (Horses, Cattle): Cross-tying or other restraint is essential.  The animal can be tied to anything strong enough to hold it, and the telephone receiver attached to a halter or in any other manner so that it contacts or is close to the animal's body.

Test Duration: Testing takes varying lengths of time, depending on the number, duration and severity of problems.  First, we perform analysis and nutritional balancing, etc., with ETA. Then we test for allergies with NAET.  The procedure usually takes approximately 5 to 15 minutes.  The handler should be near enough to hear our signals in case we need to test allergens, etc.  Speaker telephones are helpful, but not necessary.

Handlers:  For accurate telephone testing, handlers must remain at least one foot from the patient during the testing process.  (If handlers get too close, we might start testing them or get confusing results from the patient.) However, handlers need to be able to hear our signals. If we finish or must stop the procedure because we cannot get the handler's attention, we hang up to stop telephone charges.

Witness Testing (The Preferred “New” Way)

Witness testing offers clients (and us) an easier and more efficient way to test patients without requiring that the patient be at a certain place at a given time. Driving to or calling our office or staying on a quiet phone is no longer necessary. Instead, the client appoints a day for us to test the patient, and we do so whenever time permits on that day. What allows us to do this is something called a “Witness.” If you are asked to provide us with a Witness, please remember:

A “Witness” consists of two things:

1. A recent full length picture which shows the patient without obstructions. No animals or people should appear in the photo with the patient. (Digital photos work fine [in fact, we prefer them] and can be sent by e-mail. Otherwise, the picture should be of a size that will fit easily inside a sandwich-sized Zip Lock plastic bag.)

2. DNA Samples (blood samples work too but are not required):

· Twirl a Q-Tip between the lip and gum until moist so that we know oral mucosal cells and their DNA are present; and,

· Pluck ten hairs from the flap of skin on either side of the tail head (Hairs must be plucked so they contain follicles which are rich in DNA.)

Place the DNA samples inside a Zip Lock sandwich bag and seal it. Place the sealed Zip Lock plastic bag with the DNA samples inside another Zip Lock plastic sandwich bag with the picture of the patient and write the patient's name on the outside with an indelible marker.

A Witness can be used for regular ETA testing and HTS treatment (no matter where the patient happens to be). Of course, the patient is always welcome, but testing via Witness produces identical results to testing “in person.” Also, allergy treatment can be performed via Witness with appropriate client communication in every case.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us directly by email. It’s hard to reach Dr. Brooks by telephone during the day.


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Be sure to read these fliers we prepared for our Clients entitled:


Understanding Entity Testing and Analysis

Understanding N.A.E.T.

Harmonic Translation and e-Capsules

Theory of Chronic Disease, and

Important Information

We understand that many question marks exist concerning the new “Energy Medicine.”  We make every attempt to replace the questions with exclamation points whenever possible.  We admit openly and up front that we do not HAVE all of the answers.  However, we are more than willing to share the ones we have with those interested.


The fliers listed above will answer many of your questions and help you prepare for the telephone testing session.  If you are interested in additional information or if you have specific questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Brooks directly by mail or by e-mail.  We try to answer telephone calls whenever possible, but frequently our schedule precludes that possibility.


Dr. Brooks checks email on a daily basis (with few exceptions) and that is the best way to communicate directly with him.



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