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Special Interest:  Chronic or Unresolved Cases

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When the Cache Creek Veterinary Service opened in 1980, it depended entirely on traditional medicine and surgery to solve patients’ health problems.  But patients soon taught us to look beyond what was taught in veterinary school for answers to chronic or unresolved health challenges.

Real success began when we became the Cache Creek  Holistic Veterinary Service—the name we use today.

We depend heavily on Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to help us identify the causes of inflammation we believe are responsible for patients’ symptoms.  The results of MRT help guide our use of the following to help patients eliminate the causes of their inflammatory processes:

1. Clinically directed nutrition;

2. Mostly western herbs;

3. Allergy identification and elimination;

4. Homeopathic-like energy using a computerized system.

While causes of inflammation are being eliminated, patients’ bodies are supported so they can achieve optimum healing and repair.

During the entire process, communication between Dr. Brooks and clients by email is encouraged.  Actually, good communication is essential to obtain best results for patients!

If you have questions for Dr. Brooks, please send them via email to  You should receive a reply within 24 hours except on weekends and rare occasions when things can take a little longer.

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