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Special Interest:  Chronic or Unresolved Cases

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As we mentioned, although patients are always welcome, they do not have to come to our office for testing.  For our most distant patients who live in Europe and as far away as Africa and the Philippines, testing patients remotely makes everything possible.  But even for those who live nearby, we can save you time and money by testing remotely. 

The fastest way to set up appointments for testing is by calling the office at 530-666-7322 and speaking with a member of our staff.  Appointments can also be made by email (may take a little longer), listing times you will be available.  You can order a signed copy of our book, More Than A Theory at the same time.  Books are mailed via US Postal Service.

To take advantage of a free consultation, send an email with specific information to:

Bert H. Brooks, DVM and/or

Melissa L. Brooks, BS

Cache Creek Holistic Veterinary Service

15200 County Road 96B

Woodland, CA  95695

To contact us:

Office: 530-666-7322

Fax: 530-666-7430

Testing:  530-666-7400


Communication:  The First Step Toward Healing

Cache Creek Holistic Veterinary Service

Paradigm:  The generally accepted perspective of a particular discipline at a given time; a way of thinking about a subject.

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