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Woodland, California 95695-9244

To contact us:

Phone: 530-666-7322

Fax: 530-666-7430

Remote Testing: 530-666-7300

Email: holisticvet@hughes.net

Cache Creek Holistic Services

Cache Creek Holistic veterinary Services

Special interest in chronic or unresolved conditions.

Remote Testing: Even better (especially if you live at any distance from Woodland, CA), arrange for us to test the patient by telephone or by Witness which are just as accurate as doing the procedure in person. Remote testing saves you the time, trouble and fuel costs of driving here.

First Time:  We understand that many people like to visit us and see us in action the first time we test a patient. We like it when Clients visit and we like to get to know the patient in person, even though “hands on” testing does not add to the accuracy of our findings.

Preparation for First Session: We highly recommend that you contact the Office by telephone [530-666-7322] or email [holisticvet@hughes.net] to request our Introductory Information which consists of several fliers which we can send by USPS or by email in PDF format (preferable because of speed of response which can be important). You can also copy and download the eFliers from this site. Remember, for best results it is important that we have the information listed at right under the picture of our house in blue.

We’re frequently “on the go!”  The nature of our practice requires that we take it “on the road” with us when we travel. We have gotten used to this and so have our Clients. Because we have developed innovative and effective techniques for remote testing, we are able to do our work wherever we happen to wake up in the morning. So, while we are traveling to a seminar or conference, we can still test patients and we reserve part of every day for doing just that. Naturally, those who insist on having the testing done in person will have to expect to wait until our return, unless we happen to be in your geographical area.

NOTE:  When we are traveling, staff is still hard at work at the office during normal office hours (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific Time) and can be reached at


if you have questions or need to order a product, or if you need to make an appointment for testing a new or an established patient.

You can still reach Dr. Brooks or Melissa directly by email at:


Years in the writing, now available from us by email at


or by telephone at