ETA is simply a way to ask questions and get answers that help solve health problems.  ETA “evolved” from techniques taught by experts in the field of MRT.

 Cache Creek Holistic Veterinary Service

Special Interest:  Chronic or Unresolved Cases

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Entity Testing and Analysis (ETA)

Autoimmune conditions are just allergies a patient develops to parts of his/her own body, and NAET can be used to eliminate the allergies.

Allergy Elimination (NAET)

food they eat!  We believe this is not the fault of the farmer or the cook, but is simply a fact of life.  To solve the problem we rely heavily on natural whole food supplements made by Standard Process.  (Feel free to send a question about this to Dr. Brooks.)

Clinical Nutrition

Clients can actually use their computers to deliver the informational healing energy the patient’s body needs to help eliminate inflammation and promote healing.  (Feel free to send a question about this to Dr. Brooks.)  Request fliers below.

Balancing Energy with the HTS

The most important job that ETA does for us is to help identify causes of inflammation.  We then use ETA to find the best way to support the body so that the patient can eliminate the causes.

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) is an amazing way to identify and eliminate (!) patients’ allergies.  (Not a mistake. Eliminate!)

Nutritional Deficiency is a major cause of inflammation because, in most cases, patients can’t GET the nutrition they need from the

We use the Harmonic Translation System (HTS) to deliver part of the healing protocol derived by ETA testing.

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