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Doctor Devi S. Nambudripad set out to find a way to eliminate allergies.  You might say Devi was driven by her own body to find a cure because she suffered from terrible sensitivities.  If she ate anything besides broccoli and boiled white rice, she would experience hives, bloating, diarrhea or worse!

       During her search, Devi started adding letters after her name.  She became a Registered Nurse, a Doctor of Philosophy (in nutrition), a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Licensed Acupuncturist — all before she discovered N.A.E.T. “by accident.”  (So many things get discovered this way!)

       Devi wrote her book entitled Say Goodbye to Illness to explain why and how she discovered her technique which she says “will revolutionize the practice of medicine.”  This flier is meant only to explain the basics so you can understand what we are doing when we clear an allergy.  (If you’re interested in more in-depth information, our book, More Than A Theory goes into much more detail.  It is recommended reading.) 


Exactly What IS an “Allergy?”

       Conventional medicine has worried over this question since its early days and still does not have a complete answer.  Basically, an “allergy” is a mistake whereby an affected body demonstrates inappropriate sensitivity — an over-reaction — to some component of the universe (our definition).  An allergen is that which causes an allergy — and the universe is full of such things.

       Even though the body usually seems to have “a good head on its shoulders,” conventional wisdom teaches that allergies appear to occur at random and without reason.   This is totally uncharacteristic behavior for the intricate “machines” in which we and our charges live our lives.

       Devi’s genius is that she has come up with a possible explanation for the mechanism of developing allergies.  We will paraphrase Devi’s hypothesis based also upon what we observe in our practice:

       An allergy is an apparent mistake of the body.  The mistake is made at the instant of the occurrence of some physical or emotional trauma which the body wishes to avoid in the future.  The mind (which permeates the body) never forgets anything, but retains mental pictures consisting of exact replicas of every sensory input ever experienced by the body.

       The hypothesis goes:  some ancient mechanism which developed before the body gained the ability to analyze events, mistakenly remembers the allergen as a noxious stimulus (part of a mental picture of a traumatic incident) and does what it can to keep the body from encountering that “noxious stimulus” in the future.

       The body then stores that mistaken “noxious memory” in a portion of the central nervous system which governs the following organ systems:  the brain, lungs, heart, stomach, spleen, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, intestines, prostate/uterus or urinary bladder.  When the body comes in contact with the allergen, problems show up in those systems where the memory of the allergen resides.


How We Eliminate Allergies with NAET


         Allergy elimination (as we do it) depends on 6 things:

· Nutritional balancing with Entity Testing and Analysis;

· Discovering the offending allergen; 

· Finding the locus of the “body memory” for the allergen;

· Temporarily correcting the “subluxation” (see definition below) associated with the allergen using acupressure;

· Keeping the body in contact with the allergen for twenty minutes (the allergen may be eaten or touched during this time);

· Avoiding the allergen for a period of time after the clearing process.


       Some people already know what allergies we should test for, but many allergies go totally undetected.  In fact, we have been amazed at what patients can be “allergic to” and the dramatic results of eliminating certain allergies.  We report interesting cases in our CCHVS News published periodically and sent to C.C.H.V.S. Clients free of charge.  (Subscriptions available @ $10/yr.)


Step 1:  First we use ETA to determine that the patient is in perfect nutritional balance.  (See our Flier:  “Understanding ETA)  Both allergies and nutritional imbalances cause “subluxations” (subluxation = slight misalignment of bones which causes energy blockage or imbalance).  Muscle testing first with ETA allows us to differentiate between health problems caused by chronic nutritional deficiencies and those caused by allergies.  Nutritional supplements will be recommended in either case.


Step 2We again use muscle response testing to be sure that we have a real allergen, or to find an unknown allergen from among our stockpile of collected lists of hundreds of the most common allergens.


Step 3:  Again, using muscle response testing, we determine where the allergy is “remembered” by the body.   While the patient stays in contact with the allergen, we use acupressure technique to clear the subluxation which is associated with the allergen.  The patient must remain in contact with the allergen for twenty minutes after the subluxation is cleared.


Step 4:  The patient goes home with instructions on what allergens must be avoided for the next 25 hours or so.  We have found that severe allergies may require several “clearings.”  Example: a vaccine allergy in a female patient required 5 clearings to take effect.  We were finally able to vaccinate her safely.


N.A.E.T. is not “magic” or “voodoo.”  It looks strange because we are not yet accustomed to seeing these newly developed muscle testing techniques.  The energy of the body which allows muscle testing is not well understood, but it is as real as gravity!  While you experience gravity from waking up in the morning until bedtime, can you explain why it works?  Neither can we.


Caveats and Complications

Individuals can experience multiple allergies of varying intensities.  Allergies may start out as mild and develop into dangerous ones resulting in anaphylactic shock!  

The search for and elimination of allergies may require many NAET sessions, or only a few.  Sometimes, only single allergies are found.  Some patients demonstrate no allergies at the time of testing, especially if the immune system is already stimulated by an infection of one kind or another.

Individuals can be “allergic” to anything under the sun.  We have found allergies to stainless steel and to the north wind.”  (Interestingly, individuals allergic to the north wind were not always allergic to wind from other directions.)  Other individuals have been allergic to substances of vital importance such as vitamins and minerals.  We have found animals which were allergic to their owners(!) and to other animals.

Some individuals have been allergic to the nutritional supplements they require to sustain health!  NAET has been a boon in helping patients accept nutritional supplements and drugs, antibiotics, vaccines, etc. which aid in the treatment and prevention of diseases.  (We now test nutritional supplements, herbs, vaccines and medicines before administering them.)

Some individuals are allergic to parts of their own bodies!  We refer to these allergies differently, as autoimmune diseases, but they amount to allergies just the same.  We have found patients that were allergic to their own hearts, brains, sciatic nerves, etc.  Again, anyone can be allergic to anything!

Final Word on Allergies

Allergies as we know them are essentially things of the past.  Though conventional health professionals do not know it yet, allergies are now relegated to the dustbin of conquered disease processes which, in the future,  will be considered curiosities of bygone eras — like polio, smallpox and the plague.  While allergies may seem innocuous in comparison to the latter, infinitely more money is expended annually in controlling allergy symptoms than is spent on any or all of the other diseases.

Itchy skin, loose bowels, arthritis, mental problems, emotional upsets, heart disease, renal failure, respiratory disease and many other health problems may well have allergies as important components.  It is now possible to eliminate allergies and their diverse effects.

Let’s just do it!


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