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Cache Creek Holistic veterinary Services

Special interest in chronic or unresolved conditions.

What we do —

That’s different

As we mentioned, we have prepared several fliers for clients which describe what we do so you can be prepared for the first session. The fliers are free for the asking — just send a request via email to

or you can cut and paste (and feel free to disseminate) any of the information from this website.

Before we begin explaining what we do that’s different, we should first describe the conventional approach to medicine:

The Difference

It is quite common for people to ask if we have success with "this kind of case," but actually, according to our point of view, there is no such thing as "this kind of case." That is, every patient is a unique individual and every patient's case has unique causes, effects and treatment requirements.

The conventional approach to solving disease problems is to make a diagnosis based on conventional laboratory procedures with which you are probably familiar. Then, given the diagnosis, the clinician uses his or her knowledge of pharmacology and surgery and suggests different treatments in hopes of finding one that will counteract the symptoms at hand. We call this the "Here, try this" method. The ideal scene for the conventional practitioner would be to possess knowledge of a drug or surgery for every symptom.

Basically, what we do that is different from the conventional approach is to test the patient with the goal of determining the causes of the condition. Then, instead of suppressing symptoms, we help the patient's body to eliminate the causes. If we are successful at the latter, symptoms will disappear unless irreparable damage has occurred.  Even if all symptoms cannot be alleviated in some cases, our goal is to be able to help the patient arrest progress of the condition.

Specialists vs. Our Special Interest

Some practitioners "specialize" in the investigation and treatment of a narrow range of diseases. Under the conventional paradigm, this is an important technique because specialists become experts in using a certain set of treatment modalities to help their patients solve their health problems. What a certain specialist uses to address a certain classification of health problem will be entirely different from what another specialist uses in his or her area of expertise.

On the other hand, our discovery of a Theory of Chronic Disease has guided us in almost the opposite direction. This may seem strange at first, but we believe that
there exists an underlying mechanism of all chronic disease. Therefore, the only real differences between what conventional doctors recognize as distinct chronic diseases are the organ systems affected.

The foregoing does not mean that we have a special elixir that works for every disease condition. While people have been searching for the Fountain of Youth for generations, such endeavors only lead to "snake oil" discoveries. But that realization does not stop us from searching for ways to help patients.

Really, while there may exist only a single mechanism of chronic disease, the treatment for each patient must include the realization that every patient is unique and the manifestation of disease is not identical in any two patients. This implies that every treatment, even for conventionally diagnosed diseases, must also be unique. Therefore, while we believe that what we do may very well be beneficial to every patient, it is impossible for us to predict what we will find on testing or if we will be able to solve problems which we have yet to confront in the future.

Free consultations regarding cases are available from Dr. Brooks. Just send communication via email. We try to respond within 24 hours.