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Our Theory of

chronic disease

Developments in the way we tested our patients allowed us to discover a Theory of Chronic Disease. We wrote a book on the subject because we believe the concept outlined will ultimately change the way patients are examined and treated. Without going into all the details, hundreds of our cases support the following concept:

There is just a single chronic disease and nearly every patient we have tested has it at one stage or another. Our first finding is that there is an underlying viral infection. (We almost invariably find “species specific” viruses which are normally associated with the species of patient being tested.) The viruses usually affect the tissues from which the major symptoms arise, but frequently are traced to other tissues as well. We believe the viruses gained access to the affected tissues because they were first the sites of environmental or endogenously produced toxic chemical accumulation.

We live in a toxic soup. Everything we eat, drink, breathe and touch contains various toxic environmental chemicals which we absorb. The good news is that we are able to eliminate most of the chemicals that gain access to our bodies. However, under two circumstances, toxic chemicals are able to accumulate in certain tissues:

  If, because of some trait of the patient, the body has difficulty eliminating a certain chemical or class of chemicals, or if certain chemicals exist in the patient's environment in such high concentration that they enter the body faster than they can be eliminated, then the chemicals will accumulate in tissues for which they have a predilection. For instance, chlordane and other volatile pesticides seem to have a predilection for mammary tissue, etc.

When the chemical concentration in affected tissues reaches some critical point, the immune capability of affected tissues becomes compromised, allowing either pre-existing or new viral infection to manifest. The damage produced by viral replication results in inflammation which can be recognized clinically. Conventional diagnostic technology is then used to determine which tissues are most affected.

For example, if the inflammation involves heart tissue, then the conventional diagnosis will be “heart disease.” If the kidneys are affected, “renal disease,” will be diagnosed, etc. Conventional (allopathic) treatment is always aimed at the symptoms of the disease. Treating symptoms may appear effective, and the patient will appear to improve, but in reality even if symptoms are alleviated, according to our theory, the real disease is not addressed and will progress – or another tissue type will begin to be affected.

Our testing technique allows us to identify the viral infections which are causing the major symptoms of the disease at hand. We find that, by using an association of modalities, we are able to assist the body’s immune mechanisms so that the patient’s body, in most cases, can eliminate the viral infections in about 90 days. (Previously, it took two years for the patient to eliminate the viruses. We might be able to accelerate treatment and eliminate viruses in less than 90 days, but the results could be uncomfortable to the patient.)

After the viruses are eliminated, then toxic chemicals begin to appear as a result of our testing procedure. The more volatile chemicals usually show up and are eliminated first, followed by heavier chemicals, certain physiologic metabolites and a host of other chemicals, and last by metals and then heavy metals. What we call “deep” and/or “unidentified chemicals” have also been found and eliminated. Symptoms are usually alleviated greatly before viruses and chemicals are totally eliminated, but it would be a great mistake to stop therapy prematurely.

Along the way, certain organ systems may need specific assistance: especially the spleen, thymus, liver, pancreas, connective tissue and adrenals. However, virtually any tissue may be affected and may require support.

At any step of this process, complications can occur. The most frequent complication is the formation of allergies. (Multiple allergies are frequently the first and most important “symptom” noticed by the owner or patient.) The allergens are frequently the actual disease-causing viruses or chemicals. In certain cases so many allergies are “spawned” by the pathogens that auto-immune conditions may occur where the body actually develops hypersensitivity to itself. [See our flier on “Understanding NAET.”]

In very severe cases, cancer, the worst chronic disease symptom, can become a (usually) late step in the process. The combination of nutritional deficiencies, viruses, chemicals and allergies seem to have drastic effects on the genetic make-up of the individual so that, in the very worst cases, cells of the body change into parasitic tissues which no longer resemble “self.” If fast growing tumors are removed conventionally, it appears that we may sometimes be able to support the body so it can eliminate the viruses and chemicals and thereby avoid future “cancer.”

As in every condition, the sooner therapy is begun, the better the hope for success. However, because society has been trained to wait until a health problem is identified before seeking medical help, it will be a long time before clients and patients will be convinced to see a health care practitioner when they are feeling well.

Remote testing and therapy techniques we use have been evaluated hundreds of times and in every case have been found to accomplish their effects. This is not a statement that therapy is one hundred percent successful. NO therapy is perfectly successful because every patient is a unique individual and must be evaluated as such. Furthermore, successful therapy depends not only on the techniques and substances used, but also on the patient’s willingness to continue, strength and ability to respond when therapy is begun and on the occurrence of environmental complications to the case.

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