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Special interest in chronic or unresolved conditions.

Important Information

Protocol Information

Congratulations on recognizing the importance of nutritional therapy!  Very few people have taken the intellectual steps necessary to arrive at this point.

The Cache Creek Holistic Service uses whole food Standard Process® products almost exclusively.  Standard Process® has been producing the highest quality, most innovative nutritional supplements since 1929 when Catalyn® was first introduced!

Please be patient.  Nutritional therapy may require slightly longer than drugs (in some cases) to produce the desired result.  Some endocrine gland imbalances in females, viral infections, cardiac problems, arthritic and some other conditions may require as much as 90 days or more to derive optimum results.  However, the results possible with nutritional therapy are well worth the extra time if it is needed.

Don't worry, the number of pills usually declines over time. If the number of pills is a problem, please ask us for ideas on how to get the pills out of the bottle and into the patient the only place they are beneficial.  (Melissa is our resident expert in this area.) We also have ideas on how to avoid most pills altogether. [Read the flier on Harmonic Translation.]

Dosage: Try not to give all pills at once.  It is best to divide the number of pills needed so they may be taken three or occasionally more times per day.  Unless indicated otherwise, it is best to take supplements with mealsStart out slowly! Allergies can appear suddenly.

Side Effects: The protocol may cause what seem to be side effects.  Symptoms of histamine release (flu-like signs: nasal discharge or gastrointestinal changes, etc.), are possible and simply mean the protocol is working!  If "side effects" are disturbing, or if any significant change occurs at any time, call the CCHVS (530-666-7322). An additional supplement, supplement change or allergy clearing may be indicated.

Allergies: If suddenly the supplements cause nausea, vomiting or other unexpected digestive or respiratory symptom, please let us know right away.  Such uncomfortable reactions may indicate that the patient has recognized one of the supplements as an allergen, NOT that the supplements are "bad" or that they are "not working."

Clearing allergies is a simple procedure and should be done as soon as symptoms appear.  If allergies are not cleared, the synergistic supplements cannot work optimally and valuable time may be wasted.

Viral infections are part of the cause of most chronic diseases. We cannot kill viruses because they are not living things. You can think of a virus as a small machine like a mouse trap. The mouse trap floats around the environment until it chances upon an appropriate cell. When that happens, the trap snaps and attaches to the cell, injecting its nuclear material into the cell. The new host cell then replicates the viruses, and the infectious process repeats.

Cells affected by viral replication burst, ejecting viruses and causing clinical symptoms. Conventional doctors then diagnose problems of the organs involved. For instance, if the viruses affect heart tissue, doctors diagnose “Heart Disease” in the patient. While conventional therapy strengthens a weakened heart, it does nothing to address the cause of the problem: i.e., the viruses! Also, it is possible that the patient may become allergic, or hypersensitive, to the virus itself. Finally, viral infections often stimulate allergic responses by the host to its own tissues! Viral infections cause host cell nuclei to lyse, stimulating allergic reactions to a host’s own tissues (i.e., autoimmune reactions).

Usually, elimination of even long standing viral infections proceeds without incident.  However, there is a tendency for some clients to stop therapy if any adverse reactions occur.  We ask that instead of doing this, please contact the CCHVS and see if anything can be done so that elimination of the viral infection can continue comfortably. Please do not delay in reporting any adverse effects which may occur during clinical nutrition therapy.  We have learned ways to return comfort to the procedure.

Duration of Therapy: Some clients make the mistake of stopping therapy as soon as symptoms have abated. This is a risky practice.

For instance, patients suffering from renal (kidney) failure may show remarkable improvement during therapy.  After a few weeks, clients may be tempted to cease the nutritional supplements because, for all intents and purposes, the patient looks and feels "totally cured."  But the kidney is a very complex organ and it requires a long time to repair its intricate architecture if repair is still possibleSeveral renal failure patients have died needlessly because their supplements were discontinued prematurely.

Another example is the patient with a viral infection.  After a short time, the patient may appear to be full of energy and free of infection.  However, if the supplements are discontinued, viruses may again be able to replicate and regain their original level of infection or worse.

To avoid risks, follow through until testing results indicate that the condition has responded and the causes have been eliminated.  There may be a "Maintenance Regimen" to follow for some time, or even for life if certain organs are injured beyond repair or are surgically removed.  Far better to take a few pills and be symptom free than to live with discomfort from disease or to have life end prematurely.

Short Guide to

Nutritional Therapy

· Administer the supplements as directed, in divided doses and with meals if possible.  Start out slowly!

· Report any adverse side effects immediately.  Mild "flu-like" symptoms (usually respiratory in nature) may indicate a natural cleansing reaction.  More intense digestive tract upsets may indicate the presence of an allergy or hypersensitivity to one of the supplements.

· Continue therapy and regular monthly testing even if all symptoms disappear.  Early discontinuation may lead to delayed healing and can be more costly.

· Standard Process® supplements are complementary (each is needed to allow others to work optimally) and synergistic (each one strengthens the effect of the others). So, do not "pick and choose" parts of the protocol because of taste or "instinct."

· Standard Process® vitamins are naturally complete and not synthetic. Do not make substitutions because other "vitamins" may seem to contain similar ingredients.

· There are no silly questions.  Please be sure you understand what we are all trying to do.

Please do your homework!

1. Watch for & report any new or unresolved symptoms.

2. Before each test session, please provide a list of symptoms or problems and get it to us before testing.

3. Also, before a recheck, please remember to make a list of the  supplements you have left, and bring it with you or send it to us. This will save us all time. 

Thank you!  Be well!


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