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Cache Creek Holistic veterinary Services

Special interest in chronic or unresolved conditions.

How we do it —


First, please understand that we did not “invent” any of the following:

1. Muscle response testing (kinesiology, etc.);

2. Applied clinical nutrition or any of its forms;

3. Allergy identification and elimination;

4. Remote testing or treatment; or,

5. The Harmonic Translation System.

In developing the techniques we use, we have relied on the best instructors we can find in their fields of expertise, and then applied what we learned on behalf of our patients.

Entity Testing and Analysis (ETA)

When a patient comes to us (or if we test remotely via Witness) the first thing we do is to use our form of muscle response testing, ETA to determine energetic imbalances which are usually the result of one or more of the following causes of inflammation:

1. Injury (usually associated with acute or rapid onset);

2. Nutritional Deficiency;

3. Infection (viral, bacterial, fungal);

4. Chemical Accumulation;

5. Allergic Reaction (includes auto-immune).

Theory of Chronic Disease

During the first session, for instance, we expect to find that the major causes of inflammation are viral! Our theory explains that viral infection is not the first thing that happened to the patient. But we find viruses first because they cause severe symptoms of inflammation which get the patient’s attention!

After we use ETA to identify which viruses are present, then we find which organ systems are affected by each of the viruses. After we know which organ systems are affected, we determine which nutritional energy sources would be useful to support the immune system so that the patient can eliminate the viruses.

Allergy Identification and Elimination (NAET)

Finally, after all of the above has been completed, we check to see if we can find (and eliminate) any allergies associated with the symptoms extant. Many times, the body will not identify allergies until some essential nutritional balancing is accomplished. However, we expect to find allergies eventually!


Once we have completed the testing as above (ETA + NAET), we transcribe the worksheets of the session into a report called the Protocol. Every Protocol has three sections:

1. The top section contains information about the patient (Name, Species, Age, Sex, etc.);

2. The middle section contains information gained from history, questionnaires and physical examination;

3. The bottom section lists nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathics, etc., indicating how many of which need to be taken orally.

The client always receives a copy of the Protocol and is invited to ask as many questions as needed in order to understand the goals of testing and therapy.


With Protocol in hand, it is time for the client to make a decision. When we first started applied clinical nutrition, our only choice was to provide all therapy in the form on nutritional supplements taken orally. But one day while “surfing the net” on another subject, we happened to find information about the

Harmonic Translation System (HTS)

The HTS is a computerized electronic system which allows us to translate the biochemical energy from nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic medicines — virtually  anything we can use to balance a patient’s energy — into an electronic form which can be digitized and then saved on a computer as a file! Then, after testing and finding what nutritional energy is needed, we can determine which portion can be delivered energetically. We then design a small program which can be played back by computer for the benefit of the patient!

We know this seems strange because we are accustomed to think about “food” as a combination of naturally occurring chemicals which are appetizing when prepared in a pleasing way. But, the body does not consider food that way. The body is designed to recognize food according to the energy it contains and to be able to extract that energy during digestion. The food that is not converted into a form the body can use simply passes on through as waste, representing the majority of what was originally consumed.


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The only medicine
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